19 Great Local Marketing Ideas For Your Small Business

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These ideas can help you drive more sales – be forewarned!

Building a successful business is all about marketing and positioning your products and services in front of the right audience. If potential customers don’t know about your product, they will never become actual customers. If your sales team doesn’t have the right lead-flow, you’ll never grow your business.


Here are 19 easy ways to publicize your business and bring in more sales opportunities.

1. Host a Marketing Forum.
Invite other small business owners to share marketing ideas that have and haven’t worked in your area. (If you love shaking hands, consider creating a meetup.com in your local area as “your” event.

2. Participate in Trade Shows.
These are great ways to meet other business owners and potential customers. Search Google for trade shows and events for your market.

3. Build and Maintain a Business Referral Network.
Find other business owners at trade shows and industry events, and meet with them often. Make sure to use a video, podcast and special page to provide value up front.

4. Give Referrals Often!
If you send customers to other businesses, they will return the favor.

5. Hand Out Flyers/Cards for Other Businesses.
Again, your colleagues will return the favor. Think about partnerships in your local market. If you can connect other businesses, you win.

6. Send Handwritten Letters.
Make your best customers feel appreciated, and they’ll keep coming back. If nothing else, send a postcard. (Sendoutcards.com)

7. Set Up Suggestion Boxes.
Use a physical suggestion box in your store or office, an online forum, or both.

8Get Attractive Business Cards, and Use Them!
Have several cards with you at all times. Make sure to have a call to action and special URL that visitors will benefit from. TIP: Don’t hand out business cards willy-nilly, try to connect first.

9Use Postcards.
They’re cheaper than letters and anyone who handles the mail will see them. Try Sendoutcards.com as above.

10Write Editorials.
Buying advertising space is great, but nothing builds publicity better than an actual article in a local publication. Contact your local newspaper, share your idea and how it helps the community.

11Hang Posters/Flyers at Local Establishments.
Of course, always get permission first. Best place is to leave them at the front counter of the office building or local merchant. Do the same for them.

12Community Involvement.
Volunteer at local non-profit events. Encourage your employees to do the same.

Sponsor a local sports team, a charity or an annual event.

14Host a Contest.
Whether it relates to your business or not, a local contest gets your name out in the community. You can do this online, and Facebook may be good place to start. (ContestDomination.com)

15Public Speaking.
Contact local schools, rotary clubs and community organizations. Never pass up a chance to tell people about your business. Here’s how to get a speaking spot. (If you are a Los Angeles based SEO consultant, please reach out).

16Use Your Voice Mail.
Missing a call doesn’t have to mean missing a customer. Make sure anyone who calls you will hear something about your product. Add a call to action while they wait. (Visit this page/video, etc)

17Use Google My Business (Dashboard).
Google has collected web data for millions of local businesses. Claim yours, get + keep it updated, and pay attention to what people are saying. Consider implementing a local SEO review system.

18Use Social Media.
Remember, people don’t log in to Facebook to buy things! Social media is all about creating relationships, not closing sales. (However, running ads that provide value will eventually lead to sales)

19 Always Be Personally Accessible.
If people know they can always come to you with concerns, they will return to your business …again and again.




Source: https://chaosmap.com/blog/19-great-local-marketing-ideas-for-your-small-business/

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