Deshun Wang

Age Is No Barrier To Success. Life Lessons from An 80 Year Old.

2:46 pm

This video shows age is no barrier to achieving success in life.

Can you imagine being 80 yrs old and a male model.

Deshun Wang doesn’t have to. Some people say that he is the hottest guy on the catwalk ..yes at 80 yrs old. Watch the video below. (You’ll see subtitles so that you understand the important life lessons. You will be amazed and hopefully supremely motivated

Here are the 12 Lessons learned.

  • No matter your age you can start your life whenever you want.
  • Start over as many times as you want or as many times as you need to.
  • It’s ok to start from nothing. That might even be an advantage as you will get supreme motivation
  • Age is not a factor.
  • Work, effort and perseverance ARE factors.
  • No matter what you are doing you can step it up a notch. Deshun started going to the gym at 50 and by the time he was 70 he had really got into working out.
  • It’s never too late. At age 79, Deshun did his first catwalk
  • Always have more things that you want to achieve. It’s your reason for getting up in the morning and your reason for living.
  • Potential is great but action is even better.
  • When you think it is too late…it’s not. Don’t use that as an excuse for giving up.
  • No one can keep you from success except yourself.
  • When it’s time to shine, be the brightest

How long are you prepared to work to be a success. Hope you find the lessons in the video will help you in your chosen niche

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