Is Your Mindset Defeating You?

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Shannon wanted to be an entrepreneur. She spent years coming up with business ideas but kept bouncing from one idea to the next. Each one started the same way: she’d feel excited about pursuing the new business. She’d acquire all the supplies or tools she needed. Next step was starting a marketing campaign.

After six-months, Shannon would shut it down. She would come up with the excuse that the market wasn’t ready for her idea or that her ideal customers weren’t willing to pay enough to make a profit.

Soon her credit cards were maxed out trying to fund these ventures and was barely making enough to cover the rent. In her mind, there was nothing else for it but to get a job for a few months, until she found her next big idea.

Shannon didn’t realise her problem was her mindset. Her business coach had to point that fact out to her. Even though she craved success, she was afraid of it. As a result, every time she got close to a breakthrough in a new business, she would sabotage herself.

Sound Familiar?

Ted was the opposite of Shannon. He was an employee at a well-known tech firm. He was reliable and always treated his clients well. Ted knew his boss frequently got positive feedback about his work.

But despite coming up for promotion twice, Ted couldn’t seem to advance in the company. This made him frustrated and overwhelmed and wondering what to do next. He knew that he  must be doing something wrong but he wasn’t sure where to start.

A mentor suggested the problem might be with Ted’s mindset, indicating a fear of standing up for himself and he rarely asked for what he wanted. He chose instead, to let his boss take the credit for all his hard work.

Sound Familiar?

Do You Stand Up For Yourself?

Sarah was a lawyer who hated her job. She’d always dreamed of being a writer and traveling the world. Her mother insisted that she should have a stable career in a good profession.

She was just a few weeks away from being made a partner in the firm, when she started having regular panic attacks about it. This made her miserable, but she was afraid to turn down the offer, fearing that she’d end up in poverty if she pursued her dream.

A trusted friend of Sarah, pointed out the flaw with her mindset. Sarah believed that being a writer would mean years of financial hardship and struggle. She feared throwing her life away all for a “silly dream.”

Shannon, Ted, and Sarah are all smart and well-educated. But each one is being held hostage by a negative mindset. This mindset keeps them from living their dreams and creating the life they want.

You may relate to these struggles. Perhaps your dream is slightly different—maybe you want to be a six-figure blogger or start your own tech company. The good news is that you can achieve these dreams and so much more, but only if you’re willing to work on your mindset.

Believe you can succeed and work with the right people to help you.

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