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An network is a exclusive community whose participants interact with one other mainly via the web. For many, social network may feel just like home, comprising a “category of invisible friends”. Those that wish to become a part of an network usually have to become member with a specific site and actually need an web connection. An network can become an information system where associates can post, touch upon conversations, give advice or collaborate. Commonly, people connect through interpersonal networking sites, boards, message boards, e-mail lists and message boards. People could also join social network through video gaming, weblogs and exclusive worlds.
Constance Elise Porter from the School of Notre Dame in a newspaper entitled A Typology of Virtual Areas: A Multi-Disciplinary Groundwork for Future Research offers this description: “a electronic community is thought as an aggregation of people or business associates who work together around a distributed interest, where in fact the interaction reaches least partially backed and/or mediated by technology and led by some protocols or norms”.

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