mother cow

Even Cows Seek Help When Needed

11:37 am

I came across this video today which clearly showed a cow asking a man for help.

It was fascinating to watch and it made me think.

In business you should never be afraid to seek help when you need it.

There are times when you can’t figure out everything and it’s good to know that help is near.

Thats what I like about The Partnership to Success Programme with John Thornhill.

He provides some excellent training but there are times when you need help and John,Randy Smith and the team are always willing to support you.

Amazingly you can now access the programme for a free trial for 14 days for only $1.

I am beginning to feel John is going off his rocker but he is an easy going guy and willing to help you personally.

If you want to have a successful online business I would recommend investing only $1 and suggest that you check this out for yourself.

If you take advantage of this you will be like the calf in the video – looked after with great care.


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