the slight edge

The Slight Edge

11:26 pm

I would like to tell you about a book I read, that made a big impact on my life.

It made me realise why success doesn’t just happen overnight.

Some people wander through life like a ship without a rudder, waiting for some big chance or huge deal that will change their life.

Do you know anyone like that?

The “Slight Edge” taught me, that it is the little things you do every day, that makes a very big difference.

Not just in business but in relationships as well.

No success is immediate, no collapse is sudden.

They are both the result of the slight edge accruing momentum over time.

Once you get into the habit of doing the right “little things” every day, you will soon notice a difference.

I highly recommend a read of the book ”The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson

I actually read a few pages of the Kindle version of the book every day.

It could be while I am travelling on a train or sitting in the car or anywhere I have a few minutes and access to my mobile phone.

The slight edge is the process every winner has used to succeed since the dawn of time.

The book explains how you can develop a slight edge in anything you want to do.

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