The truth behind the goo-roos most famous paydays…

9th November 2016

We’ve all seen the numbers.

$1.9 Million. $6 Million. $3 Million.

How do they do it? What’s REALLY going on?

The truth is they are following a specific process.

A process which is mapped out for you step by step in a report called Child’s Play Profits from Michael Cheney which shows you exactly what to do.

Cheney’s had his own fair share of big paydays and at first he thought it was a fluke.

Then he thought maybe it could only happen to him.

So he found a test subject. A 15-year old kid.

This kid had no “name”, no list, no track record and no clue.

Michael taught him the process.

The kid made $18,076 in 3 days.

So this process is what the goo-roos do to cash-in big and it works even if you’re just starting out.


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