Glasgow Gathering July 18

My Glasgow Gathering Experience

11:04 am

George McGillivray here.

Today I want to talk about the Glasgow Gathering.

No it’s not a gathering of Scottish clans.

It’s a small gathering of Internet marketers who meet up by invitation in a hotel in Glasgow and spend a few hours in a room just sharing ideas and different experiences, enjoying a first class meal and a few drinks together.

I first heard of this from John Thornhill, one of my mentors in the Partnership to Success Programme, when I asked him if there were ever any Internet Marketing events held in Scotland.
I attended my first gathering earlier this year along with 4 others.

A very small group, but interesting people and I enjoyed it enough to attend the next one at the end of July 2018

A really interesting group freely sharing ideas and having fun. Dennis Champion passed on a few tips on Video Marketing and how his 11 year grand daughter could make videos.

This made me think as I had an 11 year old grandson and a 15 year old.

Recently we were looking after the two boys over a weekend and my daughter took them to St Cyrus Beach on a Saturday night.

The next morning I said to my 11 yr old grandson. Tell me about your trip to St Cyrus and I’ll show you how to make a video using some of the photos my daughter had taken.

He was intrigued. You can see his first attempt in the video above. This was done in around 20 minutes.

He was chuffed with what he done and maybe soon he could be helping me with creating videos.

I am looking forward to meeting Randy Smith and John Thornhill, who have been helping me a lot with ideas for blogging and product creation.

John Thornhill is a real specialist in Product Creation and it’s always nice to meet people you admire in person.

I can’t wait to see who else I will meet at the next Glasgow Gathering on Friday 28th September 2018.

If anyone is interested in learning how to create videos themselves for marketing, please get in touch 

If you want to learn about Product Creation you can attend John Thornhill’s Free Online Workshop by simply clicking here

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