glasgow gathering 28/09/18

The Day I Met John Thornhill

8:15 pm

Yesterday I attended the last Glasgow Gathering at the Millenium Hotel for this year. All credit to Paul Chilvers- Grierson for organising these events and adopting a very simple formula to allow fellow marketers to meet up share stories, exchange ideas an have some good food and a couple of beers and some fun as well.

My train journey from Stonehaven to Glasgow was very productive as I was able to come up with lots of ideas for creating  information products. The best ideas seem to come when you are away from your normal working environment.

John Thornhill with George McGillivray

George McGillivray – John Thornhill

I think the fact I was about to meet John Thornhill, the coach for the Partnership to Success Programme, provided some inspiration to come up with some ideas. John is an expert in Product Creation and has helped hundreds of people to successfully create and promote their own products.

I have always looked up to John and when you see a photo of us together, it’s obvious I’ll be looking up to him every time I meet him.

Looking forward to sharing my ideas with him next week.

If you want to learn about Product Creation I highly recommend John Thornhill’s Free Online Workshop, Please check it out  by simply clicking here


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